Childhood Park

I grew up in a very quiet and beautiful area amid parks and greenery.  There was a park, very close to my home and primary school, that I would visit everyday in the summer.  I have very fond childhood memories of the place, but once we moved I hadn’t been able to visit the place for about 12 years.
So recently I met up with a childhood friend and we decided to wander down memory lane, unfortunately we didn’t get far, but maybe more adventures for another day.

Hope this rekindles your childhood treasures…

(By the way it wasn’t a very warm day hence why the lack of people in the park)


2 thoughts on “Childhood Park

    1. Thanks again… your comments are very encouraging 🙂
      Your feedback is always appreciated…
      Haha it may have been true had the cricket season not ended, probably due to the unpredictable UK weather…


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