For Granted…

Isn’t it funny how we take so much of our life and the things in it for granted.

We can be useless children and still expect our parents to love us and give us our needs, be a pathetic lover and still expect our partners to carry on loving us.
Who do we blame though?  Do we blame ourselves for taking everything for granted?  or do we blame our parents and partners for accepting us after everything we do?

Like everything else in this dual world, the blame cannot be limited to one side.  We would probably argue that they provided the circumstances for us to take their affection and love for granted.  The other side would argue that they loved us so deeply that they learnt to accept and adjust our flaws.
Taking a third persons perspective and thinking logically, does it not seem both sides of the argument are illogical.

I feel the arguments can be divided into 2 main categories; love can make us act irrationally and habitual behaviour.

The following article was published confirming that a study by a Professor from the University of Oxford, claims that being in love caused rational parts of the brain to ‘shut down’ and hence ‘hearts ruled minds’.

In regards to the habitual behaviour, I read a very inspirational book in which it beautifully explained;

“If you do not get what you want when you want it, and it disturbs you, it has gained mastery over you.
What has gained mastery over you has gained mastery over your peace.
Habits disturb your peace and hence all habits are wrong.

For one full week abstain from that which disturbed you (a habit- e.g. smoking/ coffee/ someone you love)
Again get back to it.  But if not getting it when you want it continues to disturb you, practice again…
until you either gain complete mastery over it or no more need it, forever.”

– The Voice of Ra


3 thoughts on “For Granted…

  1. Hey this article is mindblowing !!! But third persons perspective has rational & irrational values…..For a third person everything will be a news its not gng to affect him/her!!!! 2 categories of arugments can be explained more in brief so that the readers will get more attracted and satisfied !!!!


    1. Hey! Thanks for the valuable feedback… Much appreciated…
      It’s true that a third person won’t take much interest, however sometimes you need to step out the box to think more broadly…


  2. Hey stepping out is ,waste of time for third person perspective!!!!Moreover life becomes easy when everything seen in 3rd person view…..He will not feel cheerful or delighted!! Life is a collection ecstatic and torment , so enjoy life as it comes to you !!! “Nothing is enduring or everlasting in nature “


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