Am I The One?

Not You – A flip side to the following poem

I know what I want from you
Maybe it’s time I thought,
What do you expect from me

Surely it does not appeal to you
For me to sit by and wait idly
With a hot dinner ready to greet

I hope you seek an intellect
To while away hours and more
Conversations with no bound

Be the one who inspired you
Just as you would do to me
Teach me things I never knew

Love my parents as you do yours
Without a doubt I would do too
I marry not you but your family

Let me be the woman behind
To support you through falls
Praise and critic through highs

We shall be one blessed soul
Embodied within two vessels
Thoughts and dreams entwined

To share a strong companionship
Forever a friendship embedded
A never ending growth of love

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