1. To sleep under the stars and witness the northern lights

2. To drive up-down, across and round the USA

3. To explore the history and culture of eastern Asia

4. To sit on a secluded beach with just you where the clearest blue sea laps at our feet

5. To experience the authentic Italian village life

6. To scream for dear life as I skydive over the Palm Islands

7. To dare myself by touring an active volcano

8. To seek spirituality through the Himalayas 

9. To witness the pristine land of Antarctica 

10. To dream big and better everyday

If I were to die without having accomplished at least half of this, I’m a woman who never lived 

Daily Prompt – Ten

11 thoughts on “Ten

  1. First of all.. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
    Secondly never let the thought come you cannot accomplish those dreams, never let subconscious mind have any fear or negative thought.

    Each and every ambition will just be nearer and clearer once you believe in the Source and yourself.
    With time everything will be possible too.

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