The Last 

Let this be the last expression
I own only so much patience
I’m fragile, disappointments hurt
I lack your support to strengthen

Why would I continue for you
You fail to give me a reason to
When my efforts end in vain
Why must I try to win you

I dress and carry myself
Hope for an impressed smile
If lucky an appreciative word
Or maybe two if it won’t hurt

I purge my thoughts
Feelings expressed in words
A pass time blog in your eyes
In others, poetry that connects

You have brought me to this
Once so self confident
Today I depend on you
Your encouraging words

A hundred praises, I smile
But it’s your word, to warm me
Even after I shamelessly ask
There’s little you do to mend

You build castles in the sky
But the clouds wisp away
With just a blink of an eye
Don’t sear my wings as I fly

An abundance of promises
Some empty while others true
I believe you, I really do
But my patience won’t too

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