Not until I was on the other side
Too far to be able to touch you
Did I realise, my pride had robbed me
Of a sweet memorable goodbye
I felt a tear roll, wrenching my heart

Little did I realise, it wrenched yours too
Not even in my wildest dreams
Did I imagine what you would do
The sea you’d cross just for me
To tend to a heart that beats for you

The expectation of the meeting
Dulls against the actual moment
With a mind of their own, my lips smile
My heart skips ahead of me
Impatient for the reunion

His hands are around my waist
I encircle his neck, come closer
I can’t bear the distance any longer
The coldness in the air vanishes
As the heat within me burns

Daily Prompt – Realise


7 thoughts on “Realise 

  1. Beautifully expressed… the words you chose to reflect your emotions are just fabulous. Careful the lovers might steal your words to post for their girlfriends and boyfriends😂

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