I’m learning
Every mistake is a new lesson 
Every day a new chapter

I surround myself with people
Each bearing lessons
To part onto me 

When they’re positive
They part wisdom 
Enticing me to grow

When they’re negative
They part experience
I realise what I do not want

The knowledge gained
Are the stepping stones
Paving my path 

The mistakes made 
Are the scars 
Reminding me of pain 

But when I make the same mistakes
Again and again
Am I really learning?

Daily Prompt – Learning 


16 thoughts on “Mistakes 

  1. I knew everything at 19 and know less and less as time goes by…LOL

    But, I have learned from my mistakes, and try not to repeat them. Unfortunately, some missteps are a result of hard-wired personality traits which are hard to break.

    I like to say that we learn two things from our parents, what to do, and what not to do.

      1. It happens. It’s human nature. No matter how much positive we write or think, we do make same mistakes many a times. We have to do mistakes and fail many a times to be successful even for a single time.

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