I’m learning
Every mistake is a new lesson 
Every day a new chapter

I surround myself with people
Each bearing lessons
To part onto me 

When they’re positive
They part wisdom 
Enticing me to grow

When they’re negative
They part experience
I realise what I do not want

The knowledge gained
Are the stepping stones
Paving my path 

The mistakes made 
Are the scars 
Reminding me of pain 

But when I make the same mistakes
Again and again
Am I really learning?

Daily Prompt – Learning 

16 thoughts on “Mistakes 

  1. I knew everything at 19 and know less and less as time goes by…LOL

    But, I have learned from my mistakes, and try not to repeat them. Unfortunately, some missteps are a result of hard-wired personality traits which are hard to break.

    I like to say that we learn two things from our parents, what to do, and what not to do.

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      1. It happens. It’s human nature. No matter how much positive we write or think, we do make same mistakes many a times. We have to do mistakes and fail many a times to be successful even for a single time.

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