Haunting Me

I awaken to the memory of lying in your arms
The scent you’ve left on the covers haunt me 
Your smiles are plastered across my wall
Daring me to reach out and touch what’s old
I feel your beating heart against my back
As you cradle me, I rock myself back and forth
I try on a dress, your favourite red 
Your compliments whisper through the mirror
Suited with a streak of eyeliner 
Just the way you like it
I stroke my cheek, sweet pain of your touch
One hand on the steering wheel
The other on what should have been your lap
Our conversation whirls around the conveyor
Just like the sushi’s we’d ate together 
The wind rushes as our fingers  interlock
While I walk around the streets we roamed
The ghost of your memory haunts me 
I’d turn back time to be held in your arms
But I’d rather fast forward to our next kiss

Daily Prompt – Ghost


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