Daily Post Prompt – Complicated

The men of my life, you complicate me!

My father,
You want to control me
You know what’s best for me
Or so you believe
You’re a fair man with the devil’s temper
No man will love me like you do
Yet, I don’t want to marry a man like you

My brother,
You’re the sweetest
You want to protect me from pain
But give me the space and freedom I need
You force me to want to be independent
To prove I can look after myself
That I am not helpless without you

My friend,
You always have my back
The moment I put my faith in you
You seem to distance yourself
My emotions become too much for you
You don’t try to be on the same page
I’m not the uncomplicated friend you seek

My love,
You appreciate my independence
You love my strong attitude
But why do your actions say otherwise
The qualities you love hinder us
I can’t be the compromising woman you need
Between you and I, why must I lose my voice

The men in my life, why are you hypocrites
How can you expect two inside one me
In a feminist world, why am I second to you
You’re driving me crazy, don’t you see?

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