To be indebted
Is life’s biggest burden
Never take a benefit
Unless you’re ready to pay
The price will always be your pride

In return for the favour
They’ve taken power
A power to exert over you
Allowing them to speak in ways
Ways you would’ve silenced before

You’re mouth becomes prisoner of your mind
The freedom of hearing is all you possess
Patronisation bears upon you in stages
Your pride is paraded
Before it is shredded to speckles

You’re indebted, a failure in some eyes
What choice do you hold
But to hear magnifications of your failure
What they dictate as wise words
Are the salt to your wounds

The imbalance of power has bound you
You must bid your time
But for each grain of salt
You will speak oceans through what you do


2 thoughts on “Indebted

  1. Unfortunate that favours are rarely given with “no strings attached,” but don’t lose faith. There are some truly kind and selfless people out there. I realize that you are expressing a particular POV that is not necessarily your own.

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