For you… 

What is greater than a man who can handle his success,
A man who takes pride for a moment,
But relives the deeper struggles,
To appreciate and cherish what is rightfully his.

Success is the defeat of failure,
Not the absence of it,
A true man knows,
Today, he is who he is due to the failure that spurred him.

Today is your day,
Where your efforts are acknowledged,
The day your parents face glow with pride,
Where those close to you feel their hearts swell.

Why should you feel guilty to be proud,
Your guilt is aimed at those less fortunate surrounding you,
Could a man be ever more selfless,
Those true to you would feel pride not jealousy.

Take a moment to think,
Wherever life has knocked you down,
There’s always been something to pick you up,
And put you on the right path.

Your past is your best teacher,
You learnt that efforts are paid off,
You gained the confidence to face anything life throws your way,
You know that you will handle all ups and downs the same.

No matter the success you achieve, remember
Modesty should never be forgone.

Go ahead and set your eyes on your next goal with confidence. 


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