Dreams become Plans

This one’s dedicated to you Rishta, a little outdated to your situation, but better late than never 🙂 Keep smiling!! 

I dream and dream,
But each time I wake up,
Today is the same as yesterday,
Why do my dreams not come true?
I’ve saved my dreams for slumber,
When my eyes flutter open,
The wings of my dreams stop fluttering,
I face a reality I force on myself.
If only I dared to believe,
Believe that the golden rays that flood my room could fill my soul,
Believe that I have the courage to face each day with fresh hope,
Just like the birds that take flight on a new route.
What would I give,
To stop for nothing and to just carry on,
Like the stream with only the aim to reach the ocean,
Or the Earth that rotates just to see another day.
Tell me that’s where I’m wrong,
I need to give nothing,
As I possess everything,
To succeed I just have to muster the courage.
Every time I look in the mirror,
I want to see a new me,
To see the successes that have healed the scars of failed attempts
To see the aura of positivity that sits as my halo.

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