Start school,
No longer allowed naps,
Who cares if you’re a boy or girl,
The whole class is friends,


New school,
New friends,
No longer the whole class,
No longer indifferent to gender.


My friends circle get smaller,
Even within a group,
Only a few are chosen to carry my secrets,
Few that breach, lose the privilege.


My concerns are no longer homework,
I’m 16, I own my life,
My problems are taller than mountains,
Solutions are a million mistakes.


Only a few years have passed,
I realise the life ahead of me,
Every day, every decision, matters,
What am I going to do?


Worst life lessons,
I compare, match my life against yours,
All I do is fill myself with incompetence,
I’m sinking too quick.


I float on a boat of depression,
The stress threatens to capsize me,
I’m pushing those few that were close, away,
There are only grey clouds hanging over me.


Consciously I need to change,
Let the suns rays touch me through those clouds,
Or I’m going to be stranded alone,
Left to feel lonely even when standing in a crowd.

Change is the only thing in life that doesn’t change.
Don’t fight it.
Don’t let life change you.
You choose how you change your life.


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