A new day, a new beginning, fresh hope
A magic only dawn can bring
There’s all the chance today will be better than yesterday

How quick this thought is shattered,
All that energy is snatched.
Yesterday you told me my smile took your breath away,
Today I struggle to breathe through my tears

You hurt me. But the irony, you have no idea.
Completely unintentional you would tell me,
Maybe that’s why it hurts.

I place a facade, I break my heart smiling,
Hoping with every inch of my soul
That my smile is your cure,
Could there be a more ignorant fool?

I can’t hold back anymore, you realise, you exasperate
It was unintentional, you say, you’re lost in your world of thoughts
I could say the same, I’m lost in my own world too
But you forget, you are my world.

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