My Own Competition

My journey is not yours,
Your path is not mine,
Mine may take longer hours,
But that’s fine.

I was not born to live like you,
My life journey is unique to me,
To you my achievements may seem few,
But I know what it took, so let it be.

I’ll reach those goals I set,
When I am ready to,
Your standing doesn’t make me fret,
Because my own dreams are clear and true.

You’re waiting to make life,
So you can live it,
You dance to a military rife,
Whilst I live life as I make it.

You may have the financial riches,
But I promise you I’m blessed,
I’m surrounded by friends and not witches,
I’m in love, while you’re stressed

I am my own competition,
My own benchmark,
My last achievement will be
The next record I’m going to break.


4 thoughts on “My Own Competition

  1. Great photo of the bridge. The structure of your poems is much like the stone bridge towers, with the cables safely joining them. I think I’ll explore a little more to see if you venture near the edge.

    Liked by 1 person

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