Christmas Charms

Up the stairs, my feet froze in step,
My mind pelted through a hundred thoughts,
A thousand possibilities,
Not one daring to entertain the idea of the impossible.

Does curiosity kill the cat?
Milliseconds, I was pulling back the door
Blank, ecstatic, blank, surprised
Even if briefly, for a moment, my body and soul imparted.

I was looking on this scene as an outsider,
Reality kicked me in the back,
All blurred, I screamed, I laughed
A flurry of emotions before I could process one.

Only what I had envisioned, dreamt and prayed with every cell in my body,
An embodiment of my blessings, wishes and hope stood before my eyes,
A figure I could reach out and touch,
A figure that would not wisp away if I blinked.

Vibrations, I was buzzing,
My hands shook, my fingers trembled
My happiness stole my mobility.
Sequence of events for the next several minutes are lost upon me.

When reminiscing, my mind draws back to,
His eyes, his smile, the way his eyes smiled
The touch of being held in his loving arms.
Words are meaningless, they could never do justice to my emotions.

That look, stirred an indefinite number of feelings,
That moment, yanked on the strings of my heart,
My brain and breath stilled.
That moment was the beginning to a Christmas of charms.


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