Above London

Eyes are the windows to ones soul,
The window to the soul of London,
Looms above us.
Daring us to dream and even fall in love.

Happiness floods me,
My face reveals nothing.
We’re at the front, waiting
He looks at me, I don’t.

We board, ready to soar in time
With the soaring butterflies within me.
To see the city I’ve grown to love,
With the one person for whom my love grows with no bounds.

I play guide, pointing and naming,
But he’s looking at me.
I’m aware, but I still don’t turn
I treasure every word and every look.

My mouth aches, my heart swells,
His smile makes me smile,
Brushing but imprinting my heart.
This happiness could kill me.

Photos are inanimate,
Failing to capture the moment’s intensity.
Yet we don’t stop, we make our mark,
Oblivious to those around.

Hands entwined over The Thames,
Looking towards Westminster Bridge, his childhood dream,
Big Ben chiming, not slowing even for a second,
Bringing the present, past and future into one moment.
The only constant across all time realms is and will be US!

Would one call it irony,
To be standing within the London Eye,
Staring into his eyes,
Lost above London.

Daily Prompt- Eyes


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