So finally!!  It’s been way too long since I last blogged!  Every time I thought to blog some weird feeling overruled my ideas but at last here it is 🙂

Well I was clearing up for the new year (yes I know a month go) and was arranging my bangles, the array of colours was beautiful and worthy of a snap!

While uploading the pics I began to wonder the history of bangles…:

  • The most well known fact is bangles are generally worn by women in South- Asia, specifically India, BangladesH, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
  • Bangles are most commonly made from glass or metal.  The city of Hyderabad in Pakistan is the world’s largest producer of bangles.
  • Bangles are generally worn by women to signify matrimony.  There is even a tradition that a bride will wear as many glass bangles as possible on her wedding day and the honeymoon period does not end until the last bangle breaks.
  • For traditional Hindus it is considered inauspicious for married women to wear nothing on their wrists.
  • In the modernising world, bangles are now adorn as a statement of fashion rather than for cultural and traditional reasons.


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