The rain is harmless whilst it is just you and your sorrow…
When the words of those around gush at you like the wind, instead of like the warming sun…
Those tear droplets roll out your eyes and fall heavy on your heart…

A well wisher once told me, “If you really want something, put all your efforts for it and it’ll definitely be yours”
The story behind this quote; two men were beginning their careers and applying for jobs, both were losing hope due to the discouraging responses. One day one of them got a job, the differentiating element was he had made 150 applications in comparison to his friends 15.

We all complain about the misery rain brings…
but all it needs is a RAY of SUN to sparkle a DROP of RAIN… the wind then becomes insignificant
Our hearts of sorrow just need that ray of POSITIVE THOUGHT to create our colourful path…

The beauty of the rainbow is hidden in the… RAIN!



4 thoughts on “RAIN…

  1. Those are some real wise words you got there. I am going to keep staring at the ceiling fan and think about this for hours. That’s a matching photograph you got there. Enjoy the rains by the way, oh and the festival season too.


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