You don’t need to hear my endless complaints because you realise how I feel.

You don’t  stop my falling tears with meaningless comfort words.

One would call you inconsiderate,
But the truth; you care too much to allow me to carry this burden.

You are my moral compass,
Through whom I have learnt how to place my values

You are my twin in my times of craziness,
My well-wisher in my times of confusion,
My best critique in my times of development. 

Though our lives have tried to keep us apart,
We chose to hold onto the thread of friendship,
Which we have woven into a lifetime strong bond.



6 thoughts on “Friendship

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation…
      I’m nowhere near a professional… but i’ve found that I enjoy expressing myself like this…
      I guess I owe you a thank you for motivating me with your encouraging feedback!
      Thank you!!!


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