Tower Bridge

These are a few pics from when I went to Tower Hill… totally unplanned and spurred by my love for Tower Bridge…

The weather wasn’t amazing but it was late afternoon and the sunset gave a few shades on the bridge and the Shard…

You’ll find a few more posts in the future exhibiting pics of the bridge simply because I repeatedly visit the area… I love standing by the Thames and just watching the bustling tourists, whilst I stare at Tower Bridge and daydream… It really is a serene view…

The final photo is a panoramic view standing near the Tower of London.

20130214_153620 20130214_153850 20130214_160910 20130214_164252 20130214_164307 20130214_163834 20130214_165047 20130214_161337


8 thoughts on “Tower Bridge

      1. Same here with me and London. I was working in Paris for three weeks a few years ago and wanted to kick myself for not taking high speed train into London for at least one weekend. I want to walk across Brooklyn Bridge before end of Summer.

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      2. The old section of elevated track was saved from demolition at the last minute, mainly inspired by photos that showed growth of wild plants. It has evolved and the High Line, and everything around it, has grown since then.

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