Superb poem…a feeling of serenity…

In my Head

Old fishermen cast their rods into the blue,

Blue sea; white sand lays in solitude while the

Dazzling, yellow sun peeps from behind the lumbering clouds,

Playing hide and seek, with me, teasing; the water

Tickles my feet as a shiver shoots up my spine as

Warm as a mother’s first touch. The sun at last falls,

Spraying delightful shades, crimson, orange, lavender, yellow,

All stand united, with the ocean, as I am. My heart feels at peace.

Smiles or tears. Colour or dullness. I do not know what tomorrow will

Bring; so I laugh life away. For now.

Night falls, like a bride, drawing her veil, shyly, and shatters,

As a firework bursts, skilfully.

I stand alone, happy.

I am home, finally.

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