Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premier in London

I was never a twilight fan, when I wanted to read the books to find out what the hype was about a lot of people told me not to read it because I’m a huge Harry Potter fan… hence I didn’t :p

But, finally came a point where I really had to know what it was about so I watched the first movie (and for all of you who may have been fooled like me – it has no connection with Harry Potter :p) and I really liked the movie and thats when I became a huge fan of Taylor Lautner…

Over, the years I’ve grown to like him more and more through the movies and off-screen… Besides being an absolutely gorgeous guy, he is such a sweet person and very down to earth (what more could you want from a person :))

So, it was the premier for the final instalment of the saga and I went with a friend (who is equally obsessed about him) to see him, Rob and Kristen. Β It was a freezing day /evening and we were starving but the moment we saw him it was like all our moaning vanished and we were screaming!!!


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