A Trip to Harrods

So, a friend and I decided to make a visit to Harrods (i’ve lost count of the number of visits we’ve made), this time especially to see the latest Disney addition.  Harrods is meant to be the largest department store in Europe, I’m not surprised considering after all these visits we can never find our way around and always end up exploring new sections.

A great place to visit in the run up to Christmas festivities, there was a really Christmas buzz atmosphere 🙂
…and the Disney addition is really cool for any Disney fan…


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Harrods

  1. Those photos and the exact exposure you have used have really augmented the beauty of the store. Especially the ornamental balls appear like some sort of precise 3D CGI design. It’s amazing that they let you take your camera out in the store. Here even if I reach my pocket to scratch my thigh, 5 people surround me and say in a FBI officer tone “sir, you are not supposed to take your smartphone out to take photos.”

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂
      I guess it was the beauty of the place that brought out beautiful photos… not much on my part…
      haha there were a few areas within the store (such as jewellery) where did they make an issue of photographs…


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