Travel Theme: Bright

I thought I’d join Alisa’s Travel Theme this week and share my collection of bright photos.


6 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Bright

  1. I think you should display the pictures in a larger size. Those are too good and deserve more than just thumbnails on page view. Happy festive season by the way.


    1. thank you… a very sweet and encouraging comment 🙂
      unfortunately this comes with the theme… but if you click on the pic i believe it plays a slideshow… sorry if it is inconvenient 😦
      thank you and you too 🙂


      1. Actually I have a chrome extension that displays the actual size of the image even when I hover the mouse over it. That wouldn’t be an inconvenience. But, you know it would be even more attractive if enlarged images load first. When I was 12, a girl in my class once said to me “first impression if the best impression,” “if you be nice to a person on first day and then even put a bulletin board pin on her chair the next day, they won’t take it serious” (and she stopped talking to me after I tried out that prank for 3 consecutive days).


      2. oooh could you let me know about the extension please 🙂
        a very true fact, i’ll try and ensure my photos leave a better impression, thank you for the feedback 🙂
        haha well i guess you didnt make a great first impression then mmm :p


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