Another Sunset

So, we were invited to a family friends place yesterday in North London.  They live in a beautiful flat on the sixth floor and the best part is that their balcony faces the sunset.  It was a very gorgeous sunset and I’m very disappointed that the photos don’t do justice for it.

One of the photos, shows the sun-setting through the balcony window simply because I was testing if the sun was more focused in the shot.

By the way have you guys realised how quick the sun sets? I took the initial photos and got distracted by a conversation and little later see the sun literally peeking over the horizon.


11 thoughts on “Another Sunset

  1. I don’t think the pictures would disappoint any viewer. They have turned exceptionally well. If you really want to be more precise about taking a sunset shot, I suggest you check in google for local sunset timings for that day and plan out accordingly. I use to do that. It predicts correct 3 out of 5 times.

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