Yercaud Trip

I promise this is my last hill station trip photo collection (at least until I next go to India :p)

Yercaud is a hill station in the Salem District, it is situated at 4970 feet above sea level.

This trip was more exciting because of the thrill I experienced rather than the actual intake of scenery.  When we were at the lake my cousin and I decided to play in the huge “bubble balls” (please excuse my ignorance – I actually don’t know what they’re called).  This experience turned out to be very embarrassing as neither of us could actually stand up inside the balls and whenever we tried we’d end up falling again.

The best experience of it all was when we took a ride in another “bubble ball” this time it was much larger and made to fit two people.  The idea of this game was to strap two people inside the ball at opposite ends (so we’d face each other) and then roll us down a slope.
Unfortunately, what happened was when we started rolling I let go of the handles I was holding and the foot straps came undone, hence the body belt wasn’t enough to support me and I started tumbling within the ball too.

A memorable and hilarious experience but it was painful for two days ouch!!!


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