Ganesh Chathurthi

To all of you who celebrated Ganesh Chathurthi, hope you had a great time celebrating.  May Ganesha bless everyone with all joy and prosperity!!!

To those unfamiliar with the celebrations; this day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesh and the day Lord Shiva declared Lord Ganesh as superior to all other Gods.  Lord Ganesh is generally regarded as the beginning and initial God, generally when people take up new ventures they take the blessings of Lord Ganesh first.

The day is celebrated with pooja and sweets.  The special dish made is said to be Lord Ganesh’s favourite known as modak (modagham) this is a rice flour dumpling stuffed with dry coconut, jaggery (sweet) and dry fruits.

To celebrate the day, 10 days prior to the festival statues of Lord Ganesh are placed in homes, worshipped and decorated.  On the final day they are taken to the closest water s0urce i.e river or sea, where the statues are then immersed.  This is to symbolise the journey of Lord Ganesh to Kailash.

The photos below show how at home we celebrated the festival as a family.


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