Kodaikanal Trip

Again, another hill station trip, this time to Kodaikanal (in Tamil meaning “The Gift of the Forest”).  Kodaikanal is situated in Dindigul district and is probably one of the most well known hill stations in Tamil Nadu.  It is situated at an altitude of 6998 feet.

I have visited Kodaikanal before, however, on this particular visit we made a stop at my Uncles private estate that he owns on the way upto Kodaikanal.  This was the first time I was visiting and what I saw before my eyes had me awed.  Too much of anything can be sickening, but to be surrounded by such freshness and the pulsating greenery was absolutely mind blowing.

There was a small waterfall within the estate that we trekked through a small river to reach.  Again, wish I’d taken more photos of the scenery than ourselves.  But the visit is still etched clearly in my mind from 2 years ago.
We messed around in the water for a while, then headed to the employee huts.  Here we sat down to eat home cooked lunch, that meal was an unforgettable one.  Sitting on the floor, fresh green banana leaf before you, steaming rice served on the leaf and hot chicken gravy mmm… nothing could beat the tastiness of that.  The best part of it all was the misty fog settling above us that kept the climate cool and made the meal so enriching.

So after lunch we headed upto Kodaikanal and visited the usual attractions (especially the ones I’d missed on my previous visit). First stop was at Silver Cascade a beautiful waterfall to behold but very poor quality water.

Next was Guna Caves, achieving its name and popularity through the Tamil movie Guna.  The walk through the trees was pleasant and memorable as everyone visiting was singing the common and infamous song from the movie “kanmani anbodu”.  The caves are bat-infested and is closed off to the public due to tragic deaths.

The manmade Kodaikanal lake is a major attraction, boasting a 5km circumference path around the lake, it is a place of serenity.

Coaker’s Walk is a pathway created on the steep sides of the hill, on this particular day nothing could be seen beyond the rails due to the dense mist.  Even this atmosphere was beautiful.

Last but not least, we made a stop through the botanical gardens boasting such a beautiful array of flowers.

2 thoughts on “Kodaikanal Trip

  1. That sure is a wonderful place as is the pictures you have posted here. I had been there some 10 years back with my college pals, didn’t take any pictures though. I thought my friend was shaking me from behind while standing on the brim of that deep valley, but actually my legs were vibrating themselves.


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