Attakati Trip

So, I was digging through old photos and realised how I seemed to always visit a hill station on my trips to India.  The beauty of these places are that they make great locations for amazing photos, especially with the posing sun.

So this post is  about when we went on a family trip (group of 15) through Attakati to Valparai then Top Slip.  Each destination was en route from the previous.  It was a weekend trip, interesting part about the drive to hill stations is the hair pin bends.  These are basically the twisting roads up the hill which have sharp bends and actually look like hairpins.
Interesting trivia : there are 40 hairpin bends to reach Valparai.  

We reached the bungalow at Attakati very late on Saturday night.  Was a fun night hardly slept, all chatting and playing music and games, anyways it was impossible to sleep with all the flying insects.  Eventually somehow we all managed to drift off to sleep before being awoken by my dad at 5am to witness the beautiful sun rising between hills.  The early morning rise was definitely worth it.

Next stop after breakfast was Valparai, a hill station located 3500 feet above sea level.  Here we visited a Balaji Temple, it was absolutely beautiful and it’d just finished raining when we arrived, so the atmosphere was great 🙂
Unfortunately, we didn’t take any good photos there.

Last and final stop en route home was Top Slip (800 feet above sea level), it is famous for its wildlife sanctuary.  My cousin who had already been here, hyped up our expectations of the place, saying we would be able to see grassland filled with deer.  So with high expectations when we reached Top Slip, we were very much disappointed when all our sightings included a wild boar and the small museum with wildlife models.
Second disappointment was when he tried to console the previous disappointment by buying us all masala tea.  His bad luck that day, they were out of masala tea so we all had to satisfy ourselves with regular tea :p
So you can imagine what a hard time we must have given him on the way home.

Besides my encounters on this trip, I would definitely recommend people to visit.  Absolutely peaceful and beautiful scenery.


2 thoughts on “Attakati Trip

  1. I have been here recently and took a some pics of a dam nearby and those green hilly slopes. May be I shall post them in some of my blog in future. I didn’t know this hill had such a beautiful sunrise. Well portrayed.


    1. Thanks once again 🙂
      Yeah it would be great to see your pictures, I’m disappointed we didn’t take more scenic pictures…
      The sunrise was absolutely stunning, never seen anything like it before…


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