Reuse Water Bottles

Well, basically, again a bored day and I’d been collecting used water bottles at home to make some cool home decor.  Unfortunately my laziness got the better of me and instead of a funky decor, my niece (she’s 4)  and I decided to just fill them with coloured water.

They looked pretty cool and I thought I’d do some colour photography…

Finally, we decided to use the bottles to liven up the laughing Buddha statue we have (see we didn’t have the heart to throw them away)

2 thoughts on “Reuse Water Bottles

  1. That’s a pretty creative 4-year-old you got there. My nephew would be like “how about we start by banging the bottles on the furniture and then later pouring the water all over our heads and finally blame you for the mess.”

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    1. haha… i guess thats the difference between boys and girls :p
      i’m just kidding… kids are very cute and creative 🙂
      once again… thanks for taking the time to stop by and giving me comments 🙂


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