Hindu Chariot Festival

The tradition of a Chariot Festival (Thear Thiruvalla) is held annually at the majority of Hindu Temples, however it is a custom celebrated by Tamil Hindus.
The Chariot Festival occurs near the end of a fast. This fast can take place for a few weeks to a month varying from Temple to Temple.
On this occasion, the main Deity of the Temple is beautifully decorated and adorned in flowers then carried on a Chariot (thear) for a long procession.

The photos below display a sense of the religious festival that I attended today:

1 2 3 4

I wanted to use this post to also highlight an issue that I’ve been considering for a long time.
I don’t want to sound like an atheist (because I’m not) but why are people so worked up when it comes to religion. Rather than uniting those with similar beliefs why is there something creating variations within the same belief, causing divisions???
The other thing I wonder is why people spend there lives dedicating themselves to religion, when God put us on this earth to live life to its fullest… Yet these people are trying to get close to him again???
Again I repeat I am not an atheist, but I’m not an extreme theist. My belief extends to the point that God (an energy) exists above us and will guide us in the times we most need it.


3 thoughts on “Hindu Chariot Festival

  1. 2 Reasons i wanted to say!!!! U believe that there is some power above you, that thought came because u were in belief in GOD years ago…..U think that there is only one power above you!!!similarly others dedicate themself for Piety…I agree same belief but diff divisons!!! But it does not brought any calamities Right!!!!….The World is a mix of all views otherwise if everything is same “life will get bored and dull” !!!!


    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂
      A very true view… Whatever I thought before may be because of how I was brought up… And slowly our own thoughts evolve out of our upbringings…
      The last phrase is true… A life without changes can be boring!


      1. Each generation wants everything NEW……They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors !!!!Change may have positive and negative values….Dont depend on change “Love ur life then life loves back”!!!!!

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